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I have painted for almost as long as I can remember. I became serious about my art in high school, and began painting in oils at that time. In my late twenties I began experimenting with acrylics, and switched exclusively to acrylics in my early thirties because they allowed greater flexibility to manage the time constraints of painting while maintaining a career in engineering and scientific software development. Upon my retirement at the end of 2012, I focused my full-time attention once again on my art.

Most of my early subjects were landscapes and seascapes, done in the style of realism. More recently I have taken on a variety of other subjects, such as architecture and portraiture, while continuing to enjoy landscape and seascape compositions, particularly those from my imagination. I continue to experiment with new techniques and tools that confer the illusion of naturally-occurring objects and phenomena.


My work has appeared in many juried exhibitions, and has won numerous awards. My paintings are also a part of many private collections.

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